Well, this pregnancy is turning out to be quite the interesting one.  First off, I only found out that I was pregnant 2 weeks ago.  I was quite shocked.  But, secretly grateful that there was an explanation to my growing belly.  So, today I went to the doctor for my first appointment.  It turned out to be quite hilarious.

So, the doctor asked me the date of my last period, and I told him 2 years ago...before Jax.  That didn't really give him the information needed.  So, we went in to do an ultrasound.  The doctor asked me if I'd like a normal belly or a vaginal ultrasound since the baby might be too small to see on a normal ultrasound.  I chose the normal belly one hoping to get out of the awkward second choice.  As the doctor started he said, "Wow!  You're pretty far along.  The baby is too big to even see the whole body at once."  I couldn't have been happier with the information!

So, as the ultrasound went on, we got more information then any parent could have imagined at their first visit.  Here are the stats:

18 weeks along
Due: July 1, 2009

This is going to be the best pregnancy ever.  I am like almost half way done and didn't even know!!  I guess that I can't be too mad about the nerve the Costco lady had asking me if I was pregnant.



Today while I was at Costco I stopped at the Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich sample table to get a little snack for Jax.  This is the conversation I had with the lady working the sample table:

Costco Lady:  You have such a cute little boy!
Me:  Oh, thank you.
Costco Lady:  And, it looks like you are expecting another baby.
Me: ....yeah, I am!

Well, if even the Costco workers are noticing, I guess it is way past time to make an announcement.  I honestly didn't think it was that noticeable.  But, I am sure if Costco workers are thinking that I am looking like I have a big belly, there are some of you who are wondering why I have been gaining weight in the stomach area.  So, I guess it is time to let you all know...




This past weekend was the annual Holmstead Family Snowbird condo trip.  My family has been going to stay at the condo at Snowbird since way before I was even born.  Ever since I was little we eagerly waited for this weekend.  My cousin Kelsey and I could probably talk and laugh for hours reminiscing all the memories we have at the condo.  Well, this year wasn't quite like the others.

Saturday morning I got my car all packed up to go right after Chase got home from work.  But sadly, that didn't happen.  Jax had been throwing up for a couple days and I finally took him to the doctor Saturday.  Turns out that my poor little baby was pretty sick.  He had a gnarly stomach flu, an ear infection, and a fungal bum rash caused from all the diarrhea from the stomach flu.  My doctor told me not to take him on the trip because this stomach flu had been going around and was passed easily.  Great...

So, right after that Chase called me and told me that he couldn't be more miserable.  Jax had passed the stomach flu onto him too. So, reluctantly I had to unpack my car because we wouldn't be going to spend the weekend at Snowbird hanging out with everyone and eating lots of junk food.

Saturday we didn't leave the house because Jax and Chase were both way too sick.  But, the next morning I did what any terrible wife would do.  I left my two sick boys home and went to Snowbird alone.  And, I even went skiing with my family!  I seriously had the time of my life while Chase and Jax were miserable at home.  

The last time I skied I was 14 years old.  Suzette and I pretty much thought we owned the slopes (and we did).  At 14 I switched to snowboarding, but haven't been since I was like 20.  I actually didn't do too bad skiing.  I only fell once all day..and that was while standing in line - not to mention that I knocked over a little 12 year old boy on my way down. :)

I seriously came home in like the best mood ever.  It was 48 degrees while I was skiing!  How could it get any better than that.  I kept telling Chase how much fun I had, in a non-rubbing-it-in way.  Finally, Chase told me that he is going to send me skiing once a week from now on so that I am always in this good of a mood!  Ha ha...

But, after all these years I just thought that it needed to be documented that I actually went skiing and LOVED IT!



Well, it is already Wednesday, and I still don't think that I have fully recovered from Sunday. The three hours of church are a whole new world once you have a baby who is old enough to make lots of noise and move around the room. This Sunday at church was quite the test of patience.
When Chase and I got to church we decided that we weren't even going to attempt sacrament meeting in the chapel this week. We decided that after Jax crawled around the entire place last week and tried to rip someones scriptures, we were going to spend sacrament in the foyer. It was a lot less stressful - not worrying too much about his loud babbling and climbing on everything - but not any easier. I still had to chase him around for the entire hour.
Well, Sunday school approached, and we decided to give it a try. Ten minutes later, we were back out in the hall. Luckily Breanne (Bateman) and her little boy M.J. were there to accompany us! :)
As Relief Society came up I decided that Jax was just going to tough it out so that I could listen to an entire lesson. I had already listened to 2 sacrament meetings from the foyer the two privious hours. The first twenty minutes of Relief Society were great. He just layed in my lap drinking his bottle like a little angel. But, that changed after he was done with the bottle. He started walking up and down the rows FARTING so loud. Not just one fart, like multiple farts - and he even ended one fart with a burp! A couple girls in my ward would turn around and we would all start laughing. My little Jax was being just a little bit too manly for Relief Society. It was pretty funny, but needless to say, I had to leave Relief Society too due to my loud farting kid.
So, once again I spent another class listening to someone else's sacrament meeting. I guess I am lucky that there were sacrament meetings going on all 3 hours so that I didn't get too bored. But, I am beginning to wonder how you make it through church when you have kids...especially ones that fart really loud.


Baby to Toddler

My baby is not a baby anymore, and I hate it!  I can't believe how old he is.  Not to mention, he is huge!  The picture above is so cute, but sorta makes me want to cry too.  My little baby can lay down with some milk and hangout watching cartoons.  Seriously, is he 4 years old?!  Every time he does something that proves he is getting older and turning into a toddler, I get a little inkling to immediately get pregnant so I can still have a baby.  This little man has turned into my best little buddy.  I just can't believe that he has gotten so old!!
He was so into posing for the camera this morning in the tub...that is after he peed all over the tile in the bathroom 5 seconds after I took his diaper off.
My big BABY.  He is still going to be called a baby as far as I am concerned.  While everyone else is going to graduate him to toddler, I refuse.  

He's the cutest.


Life is Good

Life is good.  There are two things contributing A LOT to this.

1.  This week I got new tires on my car.  OH MY GOSH!!  I can't believe the difference that it makes.  I actually can drive on the insanely snowy roads instead of sliding down them.  It is seriously a whole new world.  My FEAR of driving in the winter has calmed down a little...now it is just hate.

When I went to pick up my car after getting new tires put on, the tire place decided to park it in a full-on snow bank.  I was borderline pissed thinking, "What idiot did that?!  Now I'm going to have to push it out!"  Little did I know, my new tires just plowed on out!  My happiness can not be contained.

So, if you need me, I will probably be doing doughnuts up and down the snowy canyon now.

2.  I get to see this sight every morning.  Love it!
He is so sweet.


Jax and Char

Jax and his cousin Char had some pictures taken together.  I might be a little bias, but I think they are the cutest things I have ever seen.