My Baby is Sad...AND NOW I KNOW WHY

If only Jax could have told me this!! I took Jax to the doctor this morning. She took one look inside his ear and said, "He has a FLAMING ear infection." Why did she have to say FLAMING???!!! Well, now I know why we have had such a miserable week - day and night. Next time I will be going to the doctor a little bit sooner...just like Chase had been telling me. :)


Heather Lee said...

it's always the same story, those ear infections sure creep up on people! I am always super paranoid of them. Just because I heard of this baby that like had a constant ear infection for like 2 years and supposedly resented his mom for it later in life. Some psychobabble if you ask me, but still scared me.

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

Poor little man! At least you know why his sleep habits were so bad! I hope he gets better soon!

Beck said...

That is so sad!! What a horrible mom you are for not knowing!! Totally kidding- Dont mind that I just went through the same exact thing with Brinn, which by the way is old enough to tell me, but she didnt. I only took her in because she started not being able to hear.

Peter & Darise said...

It's better to be told he has a flaming ear infection instead of being told he's a flamer. There's a positive side to everything.
I hope Jax's ear infection goes away quickly. Poor little guy.

Heather Lee said...

awesome, you can just hang wind chimes all around your apartment. Which I want to come visit. Yes, I am inviting myself.
I learned a little bit from sports sewing, but it was definitely rudimentary.
Let's sew together! I'll bring my mom's singer and away we'll go.

Lyssa said...

Oh so sad!
Well glad that you figured it out and hopefully he can go back to his lovable happy self!