My Baby is Sad

I am not quite sure why, but all I know is that my baby is sad.  He has a terribly high fever, he cries if you put him down, he has 2 teeth breaking through as we speak, and he is just sad.  On top of the whole teething thing, I am pretty sure my little baby is getting sick.  

I went to the grocery store today while Chase stayed home with Jax.  Jax was really crying so Chase put him in the tub to try and calm him down.  After he got out, Chase was cuddling him in his towel, and Jax fell asleep.  So, I come home to Jax asleep on the floor in his room in a towel...only.  No diaper underneath!  So, while I am typing right now I am oh so nervous that my little boy is going to have an accident on the carpet....
This little teether has a new best friend: the biter biscuit.  He really likes them (even though his sad face isn't really saying that in this picture).  But caution, these things are a MESS!!


Cody and Jessie said...

Oh, that's rough... Poor little guy :( That's probably why he is having a hard time sleeping at night too, with teeth and a fever coming on. It's the worst when kids are sick... it makes me sad.

Konold's said...

Yes, biter biscuits are a mess but they are also a choking hazard! Watch Jax closely! I've had to do the Heimlich on my boy once when he bit off a big piece and choked. Scariest moment of my life!!