Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a busy day.  Both Chase's family and my family live within 5 minutes of each other so, we make it to every single event - which we are so glad about.  Although my car got stuck in the snow multiple times, we made it to everything.  We ate Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house.  Then, we took our full bellies to Chase's parents and ate another FULL meal!  Needless to say, a full body cleanse is much needed after the holidays.

My family opens all of their gifts Christmas Eve night.  Ironically, all the boys (minus one, poor Timmy) got the same shirt.  Even more ironically, Lynn happened to already have the shirt and just happened to be wearing it.  As you can see in this picture poor Tim got the shirt...in red instead.
If you thought all the boys in matching shirts was enough, how about matching shirt and pants!!  Gotta love it.
Here is Jax not only posing, but opening his Christmas Eve present.  He is too precious.

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