Christmas Day

Despite the serious snow and my serious fear of driving in the snow, we left the house on Christmas day.  We woke up, opened presents with Jax, spent the morning/early afternoon with Chase's family, and the late afternoon/evening with my family.  It was perfect.

Jana made all the girls these sassy little aprons so we can now cook in style.
Skye, Jana, Me, Jacque
Jax was a champ opening presents Christmas morning.  It was so cute.  Obviously he is WAY too young to understand what is going on, but he is the most curious creature on the earth.  So, we would get a present started and he would be like hey, there is something in there!  So, he'd tear the paper off.  It was really cute.  And, lets not forget how cute his little Christmas pajamas are.


Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

I love his Christmas Pjs. Even more, I love all of the boys in your fam in matching PJs. How funny. Jax is so cute. I miss him. I need to see you guys. Anyway, glad you had a good Christmas!

Renae said...

A white Christmas and homemade aprons by Jana? I think I have Goldie envy. ;) It looks like you had a wonderful time and LOVED the matching clothes for Chase and the other boys. Chase always looks so happy.

The Gunderson's said...

Oh boy. I for sure have the CUTEST Nephew around!