Milo Peterson

October 24, 2008
8 pounds 3 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

Milo was born today.  He is my sister Amber and Lynn's second little boy.  He is AMAZING and has more dark hair than we know what to do with.  Poor Katie is in Nebraska and didn't get to be here today.  Here are some pictures for you Katie.  I will post some more when he gets bathed and spiffed up.  We missed you, but GO CORN HUSKERS!!
Roen looks really happy about Milo in this picture.  This picture is deceiving...

Poor little Milo came out face up so, he has a few red marks on his face from the difficult journey into the world.  But, he is still the cutest little guy ever.


Tim + Katie said...

Thanks for posting. I have been waiting all day to see a picture of this guy.


oh my goodness he is cute!! Tell them congrats

Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

he is soo darling!!!!

and over 8lbs?!?!? HOW??? amder was so tiny.

regardless... you summed it perfectly... he is amazing!

Mom said...

Congrats to Amber and Co.! That is one big, handsome guy....Pam

Heather Lee said...

so cute! For some reason I'm thinking Holland came out face up, just because Steve always talks about what her cheeks were doing...unless he was ducking to see her face...which is just not a picture I want to imagine right now.
Anyway, congratulations on a super cute nephew! Oh and I LOVE the new do. Jax looks like a 3 year old in the second photo...Goldie I almost have a 1 year old! and you're not far behind!

kennan said...

milo probably doesn't help with you being baby hungry eh? he's adorable.