King of the Remote

Chase and I were feeling neglectful a few days ago because we decided that Jax doesn't really have any toys.  If he wants something to play with we just give him whatever we are holding - a water bottle, a box, a cup, etc.  His personal favorite is the remote to the TV.  So, we decided to go buy him some actual toys.  When we got home he immediately dropped the singing dog and headed for the remote.  Oh boy.  He loves the remote.  His poor future wife is really in for a treat!! 


Lyssa said...

That picture is hilarious. He's this tiny baby on this HUGE lovesac...lol looks too funny. Don't worry about the toys. You'll be glad you don't have a gazillion but they just clutter! Wait till he starts moving around

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

That is Hilarious, let me guess he is watching ESPN? What a little stud, he is so cute!