Happy Halloween

What a cute dragon cuddling with Nannie.
I LOVE this tail!
Watch out this little dragon will get you.
There are plenty more pictures where this comes from.  You just wait until we've finished trick-or-treating!  Yes, Jax is hitting the streets with Roen and Milo - you are never too young!!  (Or old, I've been in my costume since 9:30 this morning!!)


Heather Lee said...

haha, that's one scary dragon with a huge grin. What a cute costume. Oh don't worry, Holland went trick or treating too...and she didn't have cousins along for an excuse...yep just Steve and I took her. I will say it wasn't totally for us though, because I do let her enjoy a sucker every now and then.

LinDsEy ShaUn + JerEMy said...

okay your post before this one, I almost died because I really thought that he was potty trained for one second. SYKE! make sure you are reading the word SYKE with that little accent people do :) I think jaxs costume is super cute