Dinosaur Museum

Chase, Jax, and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum today.  I have never been and thought it was really cool.  It is UEA so there are SO many little kids running around there.  I think there were quite a few scared parents hoping they wouldn't have to pay for a broken T-Rex skeleton.
This is a raptor.  They found this skeleton in Moab!  That is a little freaky when you think about it.  These are the scary dinosaurs in Jurassic Park that they are trying to hide from in the kitchen.
**Chase thought I was weird for wanting to ask a stranger to take our picture so, it just ended up being me and Jax and Chase volunteering to be the photographer.
I just couldn't resist this picture.  Although there is a sign that clearly says PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB ON EXHIBIT, Chase made sure no one was coming, and I climbed on the exhibit (sorry Thanksgiving Point) to place Jax in the mouth of this gigantic shark.  During the time of dinosaurs there were sharks that were 70 feet long!  That is so scary.  I don't like to be in the water with goldfish let alone a 70 foot long maneater!


Janelle said...

I love that you guys break rules for photo ops!! I love it because we often do the same thing! Seriously, the picture will make you smile twice as big and twice as long every time you see it! Next time we are in town we are going to Thanksgiving Point! I've never been! Tell goober Chase hi and give Jax luvs for me!

Beck said...

I cant believe you would do that - seriously!! I am turning you in. (Dont mind that we did the same exact thing) You look great!! Teach me how to be like running so I can look skinny like you!!

Renae said...

I wish we would have gone there when we were up this summer! That looks great! Maybe next summer for gma's 90th bday. ;) (we'll make any excuse to come visit) Jax gets cuter with every post.

Jeff and Brandi said...

Anything for a picture! Thats what I say! Looks like fun! I can't believe how much Jax grows every time you post.