Happy Halloween

What a cute dragon cuddling with Nannie.
I LOVE this tail!
Watch out this little dragon will get you.
There are plenty more pictures where this comes from.  You just wait until we've finished trick-or-treating!  Yes, Jax is hitting the streets with Roen and Milo - you are never too young!!  (Or old, I've been in my costume since 9:30 this morning!!)


Jax is Potty Trained!!

Yes, it is true.  My 9 month old is potty trained! 
Okay, maybe not.  But, we do have a serious problem on our hands.  All you have to do is put him in the tub and he poos!!  I'm not impressed.  I don't get it.  Why does he wait until I take his diaper off to poo?  It has really made for some interesting mornings as of late.  He has been making a habit out of this disgusting thing.  I don't want to clean it up anymore!  Okay, I know that this is just nasty to talk about Jax's pooing habits, but imagine having to clean it up daily.  Yuck!  I sure love this little guy, but he for some reason prefers pooing in the tub over pooing in his diaper.  I sure hope he learns one day...


I'm Scared...

Jax is no longer safe anywhere in our house - he even has the red bump on his forehead to prove it.  He pulls himself up to everything.  He has a few favorite locations.  He LOVES to pull himself up to the TV and play with the satellite box and the play station.  He also LOVES the rock fireplace.  Of course he does.  It is the most dangerous thing he could possibly pull himself up to.  If he goes down on this thing, he will for sure be getting his first set of stitches.  Maybe he's just a rock climber at heart.  I turn my back for 5 seconds and... 
Then he gets moved.  30 seconds later...


Milo Day 2

Well Katie, here's some more pictures of Milo for you to enjoy!
Jax and Milo both squeezing into Milo's Moses basket.  This just proves that Jax is not little anymore.  How sad.  Jax also is the first kid to pull Milo's hair...sad.  Check out Milo's sweet little feet in this photo.
Milo and Lynn
Full body stretch...so cute.
Showing off his tounge...and full head of hair.  What a stud!


Jax's First Haircut

Jax had a little overhang by his ears which meant he was due for his first haircut.  My mom, our trusty stylist, did the honors.
Thank goodness for this turtle he was gnawing on to get him to cooperate.
Lookin' good...
The official after shot.  Oh, how adorable is my little missionary?!

Milo Peterson

October 24, 2008
8 pounds 3 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

Milo was born today.  He is my sister Amber and Lynn's second little boy.  He is AMAZING and has more dark hair than we know what to do with.  Poor Katie is in Nebraska and didn't get to be here today.  Here are some pictures for you Katie.  I will post some more when he gets bathed and spiffed up.  We missed you, but GO CORN HUSKERS!!
Roen looks really happy about Milo in this picture.  This picture is deceiving...

Poor little Milo came out face up so, he has a few red marks on his face from the difficult journey into the world.  But, he is still the cutest little guy ever.


Good Morning!

This is what I now have the privilege to be greeted by ever morning and after every nap.  Jax has learned how to pull himself up to the side of his crib.  If this isn't a safety hazard, I don't know what is.  But, I must say there is nothing like a greeting like this one - teeth and all.

Also, today is Chase's 38th birthday - okay, maybe not quite 38.  But, 25 does seem about that old.  I can't believe we are getting this old....  I would write all about Chase and tell you how amazingly perfect his is, but if you know him you know there is no one sweeter in the world.  And, if you've ever seen him you know there is no one hotter in the world!  Lucky me!  Happy Birthday!!


Dinosaur Museum

Chase, Jax, and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum today.  I have never been and thought it was really cool.  It is UEA so there are SO many little kids running around there.  I think there were quite a few scared parents hoping they wouldn't have to pay for a broken T-Rex skeleton.
This is a raptor.  They found this skeleton in Moab!  That is a little freaky when you think about it.  These are the scary dinosaurs in Jurassic Park that they are trying to hide from in the kitchen.
**Chase thought I was weird for wanting to ask a stranger to take our picture so, it just ended up being me and Jax and Chase volunteering to be the photographer.
I just couldn't resist this picture.  Although there is a sign that clearly says PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB ON EXHIBIT, Chase made sure no one was coming, and I climbed on the exhibit (sorry Thanksgiving Point) to place Jax in the mouth of this gigantic shark.  During the time of dinosaurs there were sharks that were 70 feet long!  That is so scary.  I don't like to be in the water with goldfish let alone a 70 foot long maneater!


Happy Birthday Jana

Tonight we all went out to dinner for Jana's birthday.  She is one good looking 29 year old!  We had such a fun time.  When we all get together there are ALWAYS some funny stories told.  My personal favorite was about Chase's snowboarding days.  Let's just say he is not a season pass holder.  

Sunday Best

Holy HOTTIES!  Nothing better than these two in their Sunday best.  And if you are wondering, yes, Jax is old enough to be wearing adult looking sweaters!!

King of the Remote

Chase and I were feeling neglectful a few days ago because we decided that Jax doesn't really have any toys.  If he wants something to play with we just give him whatever we are holding - a water bottle, a box, a cup, etc.  His personal favorite is the remote to the TV.  So, we decided to go buy him some actual toys.  When we got home he immediately dropped the singing dog and headed for the remote.  Oh boy.  He loves the remote.  His poor future wife is really in for a treat!! 

High Chair

I think the reason Jax seems to love sitting in his high chair is pretty obvious.  High chair = FOOD!  If there is one thing this little man loves, it's his food.

Just chillin' out in the chair.  He is even old enough to be taking full advantage of the arm rest.


School Picture Day

Is it just me, or does Jax look like he is posing for Cory Adams for school picture day?  With a picture like this he will TOTALLY get highlighted in someone's yearbook.
I sure love this little man.


YOX and Dizzle

Amber, Lynn, Roen, and their little baby boy who will be born in about 4 weeks have moved back to Utah!  Yahoo!!!!  Jax now has another cousin to play with.  It has taken quite a bit of convincing, but Roen finally likes "Yox" - that is how Roen says Jax's name.  It is so cute!  I will walk in with Jax and Roen will go, "Hi Yox!"  It is so hillarious.  This is Roen showing Jax that he has finally recieved his approval by giving him a lick.  Yes, a lick.  He was giving kisses too, but he also licks on command.  Not quite sure how he learned that one...
This picture just says it all.  Jax is just chillen, and Roen finally chucked a pair of socks at me because he was sick of me trying to take so many pictures.

*Notice how my mom is standing in the background not making any move to save me from Roen chucking items my way!!

"Yox" and "Dizzle" just hangin.

Roen was so cute with Jax.  He wanted to do whatever Jax was doing.  Jax was wearing shoes so, Roen immediately ran and got his shoes because he wanted to be wearing shoes like Jax.  He also wanted to get in his "sit" as he calls it (better known as a stroller) because Jax was in his stroller.  Oh, it was amazing!  After his long awaited acceptance of Jax, we are beginning to think that Amber's new little baby is actually going to survive now!!!