3 Favorites Tag...Courtesy of Kennan

3 Favorite Last Purchases....
1. Jax's Halloween Costume...you just wait :)
2. Smart Cookie Sugar Cookie
3. SurvivAl 72 Hour Kits!!!! Thank Goodness!!

3 Favorite Movies...
1. Hitch
2. Parent Trap
3. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

3 Things I Haven't Done Yet...
1. Gotten over the fact that Tom Brady is going to be out all season
2. Visited either of my sisters living out of state...rude..
3. Tasted mustard, cottage cheese, or mayonaise...picky, picky

3 Things I Cannot Live Without...
1. My little squishy (better known as Jax)
2. Text Messaging..haha...
3. Jax'a Naptime

3 Favorite Dishes
1. Anything Mexican
2. Stir-fry vegetables
3. Carbs, carbs, carbs

3 Favorite TV Shows
1. Biggest Loser...starts TOMORROW
2. Lost
3. 24

3 Last Places I Traveled...
1. Pine View Reservoir
2. St. George
3. Cancun

3 Favorite Deserts
1. Pazookies
2. Ice Cream
3. Chocolate Chips

3 Things I Would Buy if Money Weren't an Issue...
1. Anew wardrobe
2. A cruise
3. A 3 year food storage!!

3 Wishes...
1. For all my family members to always be happy
2. That I could guard Jax from all the scary things in the world
3. That no kid at any elementary school ever has to go without lunch :(

3 People I Tag...
1. Jacque
2. Heather
3. Andrea


Lyssa said...

Hey, never knew that you've never tasted mustard or cottage cheese!? That's crazy! I honestly love cottage cheese with peaches...but anyways :)
I went ahead and got a dress at Victoria Secret and it is beautiful. (who knew they had dresses?) So I won't be needing to "rent" your dress but I still want to get together! I'll email you soon :)

Julie said...

So, have you and your husband really started P90X? If so, is it working? Are you getting results? What do you think about the nutrition part? I have 2 little kids and not a lot of time to chase down weird ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen. I'm really hesitant to put down the money to purchase it. If I didn't end up looking like the people in the info commercial I would be disappointed and feel foolish for having spent the cash. Let me know. Thanks, Julie

Andrea said...

I just love reading your blog. I can't wait to see Jax's Halloween Costume!!!! I love Halloween! that will be fun. Are you guys going to the BBQ this weekend? Maybe you are the ones throwing it? I don't know- Austin doesn't tell me anything(is it even a BBQ?), but we are going so you guys better be there. Maybe I will take some pictures for the Blogsta. I hate to assume you just tagged me, but I think it might be me. Even if it isn't - pretend it is because I am going to do it.

LinDsEy ShaUn + JerEMy said...

word! I know I said I was going to have a house warming party, I just decided to post pone it. I will probably get the little invites out next week, so still plan on it. Just planned a little later then I thought.