Jax officially has 2 teeth.  You can see them creeping up a little in this smile.
A much better shot of the chompers.  These suckers are SHARP!!
Jax is getting SO close to being able to totally sit up alone.  You have to be right by him cause he tips over after about 30 seconds, but he is almost a sitter!!


Lyssa said...

K I love that 3rd picture.. his hair is so cute all spiked up like that. And he's like your little clone Goldie!
And if it's okay to borrow that dress, I might consider that because i've been trying to find a dress for the past 2 weeks with no luck. So that will just give us an excuse to get together when I come down for the wedding! I want to see Jax in person. He'll probably be huge compared to Kate...so funny.

Andrew and Jenna said...

Jax looks exactly like you in that last picture! I've been thinking lately that he's starting to look like Chase, but not after seeing that picture :)