Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday, July 8th, Chase and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Yahoo!! I seriously can't believe that we have already been married for 2 years. It seems like just yesterday that I was drooling over Chase at Institute - the first time we hungout just the two of us. Last night we were talking about all the fun things that we did together when we were dating, and it feels like last week we would stand out in the freaking freezing cold at night by his car saying goodbye to each other - cheesy I know. We would stand out there FOREVER shivering. Mostly I was just waiting for Chase to get some guts and actually kiss me, but I guess it was worth the wait. :)

So, last night we went to dinner at Ruth's Chris. Chase has had his eye on this place for quite some time. But, this restaurant is a little out of our league so, we decided we would finally make an appearance there on our anniversary. It was SO yummy. Chase got a big 'ol steak. He claims it is the most tender piece of meat that has ever touched his lips. Me, on the other hand, (not being a real big slab of meat eater) got the must delicious BBQ shrimp. It was so fun. It was delicious and very, very romantic. I would highly recommend this for a fun, special occasion.

Honestly, I can't believe that we've been married 2 years and have a 5 month old! We must be nuts. But, there is seriously nothing better. We have such fun lives, and Jax is the little cherry on top. Chase is the best ever. I know for sure that he got the short end of the stick on this one! I love him so much! Big kiss, Little kiss, Big kiss, Little kiss.


The Clarks said...

I hope you dont mind me looking at your blog, your little boy is so freaking cute! Happy Ann. by the way
I have a blog to if you are intrested
its theclarks2006..blogspot.com

again jax is so freaking cute!
kylee clark (terry)

Lyssa said...

Happy Anniversary! That's great. I'm glad you had a great day! We're coming up on our 4th...yikes! It goes by too fast...especially when kids are in the mix!

Jobi Niu said...

CONGRATS! I can't believe it's been two years.. time flies! Sounds like you guys had fun! I love Chase, you guys are so cute together!