And he's an eater!!

About a week or so ago, I posted some adorable pictures of Jax "eating" bananas. That was the first time that I actually fed him food. As you could tell from the pictures, he mostly just smashed his face into the spoon and got banana smeared all over his face. Also, I tried to feed him the bananas right after I had nursed him. So, he was probably not so hungry.

Well, today I decided to try pears. The last few days when I have nursed Jax he seems frustrated - like there isn't enough milk for him. I hope SO badly that my milk supply isn't starting to dwindle. I love nursing him. I think it is so cute, and I feel like it has made us best buds. However, I don't want to little guy (who isn't so little) to go hungry. So, this time I did not nurse him before I fed him the pears. I waited until after - still wanting my milk supply to stay up.

Jax about flipped when he got his first bite of pears. He was in heaven. Seriously, it was love at first bite. I don't know if he liked the taste better than bananas or if he was just more hungry, but he acted like he had never eaten before. If I did not have the next bite IN his mouth in 5 seconds he started to whine. Little hefer!! And, this time he was actually opening his mouth for the spoon. He didn't really seem to get that last week.

It was a complete mess, but he was loving life. His arms were flailing and his feet kicking the whole time cause he was so excited. I hope this isn't an indicator that I don't have enough milk and this starving little dude was so grateful for food! But, if you know his size you would for sure not believe that Jax is going without. He is one big cookie.

With the arms flailing and the legs kicking he, obviously, kicked over the little tub of pears and spilled about 1/4 of them all over his legs. But, other than that he ate every last bite in about ten minutes flat. And, when I nursed him after he downed the pears- to keep my milk trained - he still ate for about another ten minutes! Hungry!

I am not sure about all the details with the whole food thing with babies, considering I am a first timer. I have been really reluctant to give him any food becuase I am such a firm believer in breastfeeding - for me anyway. I has just worked out so well for me and Jax. But, with him seeming to be still hungry after I feed him and refusing to drink any supplemental formula, I decided to give it a go. Man, Jax was excited I made that decision! I don't know how often I will give him baby food since I still want to breastfeed. I guess that I will just do it when he seems hungry after all my milk is drained...hopefully that is not after every feeding!


Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

I love how excited the little dude got while eating his pears. That's hilarious. Sounds like he LOVES food! Olivia does the same thing, and I love it, but she only eats like half of the container. We're still working on getting her to eat more. Anyway, Jax is so dang cute. I just love him!

georgeandmarie said...

if he is lasting 3-4 hours after you nurse him before he wants to eat again and he is sleeping 6-8 hours at night. chances are he is getting enough! he is so cute!! i love it when the simplest things get them so excited. it makes you get a little glimpse into their eyes seeing and experiencing everything for the first time!

Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

pears were and are minie's absolute favorite.
bologna and pears.. those two are always a gaurantee for eating

i'm sure you're supply will be just fine. he will regulate himself, and your milk is still his number 1.

i have a really cute pic of you and jax from minie's party. send me your e-mail and i will give it to you.


The Thomas Trio said...

hi golds,
it's maggie again!
sorry for the run-around, but I wanted to make sure you knew when rachel's shower is!

July 22 from 6-8 (next door to arden's house)

I had major intentions of creating some home-made invite, but then we moved....and I just never got around to it!