He's A Big Boy

Jax will be 6 months old next week.  We are in the  stage of introducing him to food.  He stares at your food if you have the nerve to eat in front of him.  He seems to be really interested in food, but hasn't quite got the whole open your mouth and eat thing down yet.  He pretty much just LOVES his milk!  But, yesterday we practiced with bananas.  The first bite was a shocker.  He jumped because of the strange new taste.  But, after that he seemed to like them.
Can someone please tell me how to get more IN his mouth than ON his face?
This is Jax's new preferred sleeping position.  He is, of course, on his belly.  But as of late, he likes sticking that bum straight in the air.
If you don't think this body is amazing, I don't know how to impress you!

This picture is SO sad!  Jax has the all time worst eczema on his face.  He has to have stuff put on it daily.  Sometimes he looks really good.  Some days, he is looking like the above picture.  Poor little man.


On the Move

I thought I would show a few pictures of Jax as his approaches the 6 month mark.  He is so freaking big!  He is not even 6 months old yet, but could easily pass to get his kindergarten shots this fall.  A few of the things he is wearing are even 12-18 months size.  Don't mind if he does.  Well, here he is.  Eat your heart out.
This is Jax lounging at Stockton's baseball game in Nephi.  Gotta love taking a day trip to the hip-happening town of Nephi!
Now, please don't call child services after seeing the above picture.  Oops.  He was in the swing and oh so tired.  I left the room and came back to this.  Thanks to me, he will now need to see a chiropractor regularly!

Jax has started moving around.  If you lay him down on his back he immediately rolls over.  He has mastered the back-to-belly roll.  However, once he gets on his belly he is - for the most part - stuck.  He is starting to try and roll to his back after he is stuck on his belly. 
He will only sleep on his belly now.  I will lay him on his back in his crib and next thing I know, he is on his belly.  Supposedly you aren't suppose to let your baby sleep on his tummy, but Jax rolls over no matter what.  So, there is not much I can do about it.

Jax also is strong enough now to hold himself up in the walker.  He will kinda push himself around.  There is not a chance that he can put one foot in front of another yet, but he will do an occasional scoot.  Baby steps, right?He seems to like the walker for about 15 minutes.  After that, he's done.  I am guessing that he is not quite use to the standing position and is getting the worst leg workout ever.  You try and do a wall sit for 15 minutes!


Beach Body

So, it is almost 1:00am and here I am blogging.  Hmm...get a life.  Now that Jax is a pretty solid sleeper, Chase finds some extra 1:00am PlayStation time while I find time to stay updated via blogs with people's lives that I haven't seen for 5 years...and of course some people that I have never met.

We went to St. George this weekend.  Fun!!  I will post some pictures later.  Our camera is MIA.  But, we will for sure share some pictures of Jax swimming.  We decided to take a little weekend getaway to St. George.  Turns out it was overcast and rained.  That's too bad.  Jax's white skin was probably grateful for that one!  But, at least it gave me some extra time to down a whole bag of Albertson's chocolate chip cookies.  MMMMMM!!!!  Is there seriously a better cookie.  Didn't think so. 

I also got to watch some serious infomercials.  I LOVE infomercials - especially if they have anything to do with the Beach Body workout company.  Seriously, I love that stupid stuff.  I am convinced that I too, can get ripped in 90 days.  So, needless to say, after this weekend Chase and I both want to start P90X.  ANyone done it?  Anyone out there who got officially ripped in 90 days?  We are such suckers.  But seriously, check out the before and afters and tell me that there isn't a difference! :)  Chase has already told me that he seriously wants to take a before and (naturally)  in about 90 days  pose for his after shot.  Don't mind if I do the same.

Although it wasn't your typical St. George weather, we had a fun little weekend trip.  Mostly, it was our motivational retreat.  Have you seen the P90X infomercial?!  Who wouldn't be sold on that?  However, I am a former fruitarian - if you don't know that story be sure to ask me about it.  Totally embarrassing.  What former fruitarian doesn't love the sound of 90 days to your total beach body?  It is kinda getting pathetic how much I love to watch these infomercials.  I have seen them all multiple times.  You know what I am talking about - Hip Hops Abs (own it), Turbo Jam (love it), Slim in 6 (want it), P90X (getting it).  You all skip over these infomercials on TV while I am SO excited to tune in again and again.  What is up with that?

Oh and don't worry.  They all last about a week.  But, just thought I would let you all know that I do, in fact, have good intentions.  Until, of course, I bust out the Albertson's cookies!


Me and My Buddy

Jax and I had the absolute privilege of attending Minie's birthday bash last week.  It was the most off the hook 1 year old birthday party I have ever seen. - a birthday cake to die for, blow-up water slides, slip-n-slide, and BBQ.  Hopefully Jax didn't get any bright ideas for his 1st birthday! :)  But, Brooke, the most awesome photographer ever, took this little gem of me and Jax at the party.  I think it's sweet.  I love, love, love Jax's big blue eyes.  He already is a heart breaker.  Get in line ladies!!

OK, I just looked at this and think it is seriously time to add a PS for this picture.  Jax, opposed to what this picture might make you think, is not albino!  Holy smokes.  Somebody get that kid into the sun to work on his tan!!


Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday, July 8th, Chase and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Yahoo!! I seriously can't believe that we have already been married for 2 years. It seems like just yesterday that I was drooling over Chase at Institute - the first time we hungout just the two of us. Last night we were talking about all the fun things that we did together when we were dating, and it feels like last week we would stand out in the freaking freezing cold at night by his car saying goodbye to each other - cheesy I know. We would stand out there FOREVER shivering. Mostly I was just waiting for Chase to get some guts and actually kiss me, but I guess it was worth the wait. :)

So, last night we went to dinner at Ruth's Chris. Chase has had his eye on this place for quite some time. But, this restaurant is a little out of our league so, we decided we would finally make an appearance there on our anniversary. It was SO yummy. Chase got a big 'ol steak. He claims it is the most tender piece of meat that has ever touched his lips. Me, on the other hand, (not being a real big slab of meat eater) got the must delicious BBQ shrimp. It was so fun. It was delicious and very, very romantic. I would highly recommend this for a fun, special occasion.

Honestly, I can't believe that we've been married 2 years and have a 5 month old! We must be nuts. But, there is seriously nothing better. We have such fun lives, and Jax is the little cherry on top. Chase is the best ever. I know for sure that he got the short end of the stick on this one! I love him so much! Big kiss, Little kiss, Big kiss, Little kiss.


And he's an eater!!

About a week or so ago, I posted some adorable pictures of Jax "eating" bananas. That was the first time that I actually fed him food. As you could tell from the pictures, he mostly just smashed his face into the spoon and got banana smeared all over his face. Also, I tried to feed him the bananas right after I had nursed him. So, he was probably not so hungry.

Well, today I decided to try pears. The last few days when I have nursed Jax he seems frustrated - like there isn't enough milk for him. I hope SO badly that my milk supply isn't starting to dwindle. I love nursing him. I think it is so cute, and I feel like it has made us best buds. However, I don't want to little guy (who isn't so little) to go hungry. So, this time I did not nurse him before I fed him the pears. I waited until after - still wanting my milk supply to stay up.

Jax about flipped when he got his first bite of pears. He was in heaven. Seriously, it was love at first bite. I don't know if he liked the taste better than bananas or if he was just more hungry, but he acted like he had never eaten before. If I did not have the next bite IN his mouth in 5 seconds he started to whine. Little hefer!! And, this time he was actually opening his mouth for the spoon. He didn't really seem to get that last week.

It was a complete mess, but he was loving life. His arms were flailing and his feet kicking the whole time cause he was so excited. I hope this isn't an indicator that I don't have enough milk and this starving little dude was so grateful for food! But, if you know his size you would for sure not believe that Jax is going without. He is one big cookie.

With the arms flailing and the legs kicking he, obviously, kicked over the little tub of pears and spilled about 1/4 of them all over his legs. But, other than that he ate every last bite in about ten minutes flat. And, when I nursed him after he downed the pears- to keep my milk trained - he still ate for about another ten minutes! Hungry!

I am not sure about all the details with the whole food thing with babies, considering I am a first timer. I have been really reluctant to give him any food becuase I am such a firm believer in breastfeeding - for me anyway. I has just worked out so well for me and Jax. But, with him seeming to be still hungry after I feed him and refusing to drink any supplemental formula, I decided to give it a go. Man, Jax was excited I made that decision! I don't know how often I will give him baby food since I still want to breastfeed. I guess that I will just do it when he seems hungry after all my milk is drained...hopefully that is not after every feeding!


Roen's Coming to Town

Amber and her little boy Roen are coming to Utah in a few days...in the new minivan - yes it is true.  I just thought everyone should get a view of this cute little man.  Surfs up!

The First Swim

Lounging...as always.
Not quite sure what to do about the water.
That amazing belly and swim diaper...nothing better!

Jax had his first swim yesterday.  His chill little personality didn't change a bit in the pool.  He just hungout, seeming sorta indifferent to the big event.  He was a little shocked by the water temperature - wondering what in the world he was doing in cold water I am sure.  But he just looked around and soaked in the summer rays.  Oh wait,  he can't soak in any rays!  He has the fairest skin EVER!  I put SPF 80 on him.  If not, this little dude would have turned into an instant tomato.