Pest Control or BUST!

Okay, so in my last post I gave a shout out to the Orkin man, but now he officially needs to come to my house! Yesterday I had a close encounter with one of the scary things pictured above. So, I went in to Jax's room to hangup a bunch of his clothes that I had left on the floor. I just laid him down on the floor while I was going to hangup the clothes. I reached over and picked up the pile of clothes and out jumped a HUGE - and I mean HUGE - spider. The little beast started to make a beeline to Jax. I freaked, as I am sure you can imagine. I screamed. Luckily, I had shoes on. I stomped on that thing about 5 too many times to make sure it was a goner. I picked it up with some Kleenex and went to flush it down the toilet. I put it in the toilet and, of course, examined it. It was FURY!! I don't know what is worse than a fury spider. I have been tiptoe-ing around for the last 24 hours sure that every black strip or speck in the carpet is a brother or sister of what I flushed down the toilet yesterday. Well, needless to say that I immediately let Chase know that we lived in the danger zone. We will be getting that pest problem taken care of this week!!

But, it could we worse. I heard about this today in the news...

California King snake found sleeping in baby's crib

Isabella and her mother, Cari Abatemarco, who live in upstate Troy, were spending the night at Abatemarco's parents' Brentwood home last week when Isabella's cries woke her mother. Abatemarco said she responded and found the snake, which family members said was 4 feet long, wrapped around Isabella's leg.
Isabella was unharmed. Islip animal control officers earlier had said it was a foot long. The family, which says it bought the mattress at a Bay Shore Toys R Us, claims the snake got into the mattress package through a rip in its plastic wrap, Gunn said. The snake then embedded itself in the mattress by crawling inside a cloth covering that is loosely
stitched to the mattress, he said.
Roy Gross, chief of the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said it is not uncommon for pet snakes to get loose and turn up on other residents' properties. The SPCA has picked up "about 93 different snakes and alligators over the last year," he said.The snake the Abatemarcos found, he said, "most likely was somebody's pet and it got into the house. They don't like extreme heat."The family has since returned the mattress, Gunn said.

This is just the small thing that the mom found in her baby's crib!
Umm..I would be FOREVER scarred.


Heather Lee said...

ew, yeah I have had a similar encounter with a furry jumping spider. I looked it up on the Internet and compared what I had found to the squished mess on the window sill and sure enough it was a big, spotted, furry jumping spider. sick. and also I have a sad story about my friends little cousin and a boa constrictor. I would just never have a pet snake. The boa constrictor got into the baby's crib (my friends cousin) and strangled the baby. (not to one up your story, but just send the orkin man on down to my house after he's done at yours!)

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

EWWW! I hope you get that taken care of. I know the feeling. I found one on Olivia's floor and me, being paronoid, just knew that there was probably a nest full of them in our house somewhere. Luckily, I haven't seen another. That snake story freaks me out! I don't do so well with those sort of things! Good luck with your pest problem.

Park City Bairds said...

ohm..........what the freak!!! that is so scary. I totally have sweat pits right now, ha ha! no seriously how the freak does that happen? Those spiders looks so scary too. Was Jax just laughing watching his mom freak out! ha ha.
Love ya

Tigh, Jacque, & Charlotte said...

Oh scary Goldie!!!! SPRAY THAT HOUSE DOWN! Just so you know,I think Charlotte got a bite and then it turned into the Staph infection. Everybody has Staph, but when you get an open wound (or bite) it goes into the blood stream and they can get an outbreak! My Doc said next time to get neosporine and put a bandaid over the bite!
Furry? even worse...
Poor Jax!:(

Lyssa said...

EWW that is freaking gross...on both stories! I hate spiders so bad. I think I screamed too when I was reading your story.
And what the heck with the snake?!?
LOl and I just read Sue's comment...I wonder what Jax was thinking when he saw you? Lol

annie and jared said...

ok i have the worst chills right now, it really is unhealthy how badly i hate spiders, they scare me more than anything on this planet. I honestly think I would have had a heart attack if that happened to me, glad your still kickin'.

lynn said...

Hes here in Las Vegas!! He goes by lynn. Please call Nick Holmstead to make an appointment.

Park City Bairds said...

I still can not handle this story, it seems to be the main topic of conversation for everyone I have talked to since I saw your post! I have told so many people about this freak story, it makes me sick about the dumb snake, I wish snakes would pick a different planet! well, just letting you know I am still so disgusted with this! I could have sworn a snake was in my bed last night, ha ha!
Love ya!

The Thomas Trio said...

You have got to post something new! every time I go to your blog and see those giant spiders, I want to throw up!
I wanted to let you know that Rachel's shower has been postponed temporarily. Her sister Farrah is going to be out of town this weekend, so they are figuring out a new date!
I'll keep you posted!