And the eating begins!!

Talk about milestone. I tried feeding Jax “food” for the first time last week. I started with the cereal. He didn’t seem to be much of a rice cereal fan. He would give a lick or two and be done. So, we moved on to bigger and better things – mooshed bananas.

Jax doesn’t seem to understand the whole open your mouth for food and swallow thing yet – what can you expect from a 4 month old? I would put the spoon in his mouth and he would, of course, start to suck on it. He would get a little in his mouth, but mostly it would just end up smeared all over his entire face. So cute.

He really seemed to like the taste of bananas, but doesn’t seem to quite get the eating concept yet. I don’t really want him to eat “food” yet, but I just thought it would be cute to try. I LOVE LOVE LOVE breastfeeding, and don’t want him to stop anytime soon. But, I just thought I would let him try it out. And, the little cutie still seems to prefer his mommy. But, I don’t think that will last too long. He STARES at any and all food that anyone is eating. He watches every second from plate to mouth. And the poor kid doesn’t get a taste very often…

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