4 Months Old on June 5th

27 inches long

17 pounds 3 ounces

On June 5th, about 3 weeks ago, Jax hit the 4 month mark!! He has gotten so big and so stinkin’ cute! I just can’t squeeze those thighs enough. We went to the Dr. and he is growing so much. When the Dr. walked into the room, Jax gave him the BIGGEST smile ever. The Dr. was like, “Well, I guess I don’t have to ask you if he is responding to you and interacting!” Oh my gosh Jax is a little heartbreaker. Believe me, he tugs on my little heart strings!

At 4 months Jax was (and I say was because I just know he has gained weight since) weighing in at 17 pounds 3 ounces (90th percentile) and was 27 inches tall (97th percentile). Could he get any bigger? Size 9 months clothes fit this little 4 month old like a glove.

The Dr. said that Jax is actually a little on the skinny side (if you honestly believe that 90th percentile in weight is skinny) for how tall he is. I was telling the Dr. that people are always like, “How old is he? 9 months?” I always have to correct them and let them know that he is only 4 ½. The Dr. was like, “Well, I have a feeling that he is going to be the 5 year old that everyone thinks is 7.” Apparently my milk is the equivalent of an Iceberg milkshake because this little guy is a growing machine.


Andrew and Jenna said...

I'm so excited about all these cute posts. I've been waiting to see lots of pictures of Jax, so I am happy now :) He is getting so big and cute as ever! We still have his birth announcement on our fridge and he looks nothing like that anymore!

Austin & Andrea said...

He is sooooo cute Goldie! I can't believe how much he is changed since last time I saw him. He's like almost not a baby anymore haha....I probably shouldn't say that cause that will make you sad that he's growing up. You know you could get pregnant again right now. They would be more than a year apart....hmm hmmm

annie and jared said...

he is getting so big goldie, he looks so much different now! I can't believe how big he is, he is going to be a little football player or something. we should all get together for lunch sometime.

Citizen Jared said...

this kid is a tank.. like his dad. you make me baby hungry, just kidding. i'll let you do that job, and i'll just reap the benefits when i see you both :D

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

I'm so happy to finally see some new posts! It's been awhile. How freaking cute is Jax? He is getting so big. He looks just like chase now! I can't believe how old he and Olivia are getting. They're not little babies anymore. I saw some brand new babies at the mall the other day and it made me sad. Anyways, it's good to see what you guys are up to!

Jeff & CharLee said...

Hey Goldie! Its CharLee (Cook) Carn, I had found your blog from the Ingersols and thought I'd say hi! Your little guy is so cute! I can't believe he's already that age! I hope everything is going good for you guys!