4 Months Old and L-O-V-I-N-G Summer!!

So, now that school is out I am officially a mom full-time...well, with hopefully a little summer tutoring on the side. But, I am loving just snuggling Jax all day long. He can 1/2 way roll over now! Haha..he gets stuck on his arm, but close enough right? I think so. What else can this little 4 month old do these days? Smile, giggle, sit up in the Bumbo, and SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!! Oh, and lets not forget that he can also tip the scale at 16 pounds! Quite the accomplishments.


Heather Lee said...

i am Lo Lo Lo Lo VE..ing that you are done with school! I will love it more when you give me a call and we actually hang out instead of have virtual conversations via comment boxes. So, I'm sure you're talking about Trevor, and next time we should all be sitting at the table together! I still have 2 of those mystery envelopes that I'm sure have the $20 GRAND prize in them.

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

Yeah Summer! I bet you are loving life! That's so fun that you get to just snuggle jax all day! Olivia refuses to snuggle. Her body is too dang stiff! Lucky you! We'll have to hit the pool with the babies this summer!

suzy Hunter said...

Chase and Goldie, I sneaked a peek at your blog via Andrew and Jenna. I wanted you to know how absolutely adorable Jax is! I got the pleasure of having lunch with him a while ago with Grandma Jana. He is just so yummy! I wish I saw all of you more often, but I love you all! What darling parents you are and oh my did you ever do good with baby Jax!

The Thomas Trio said...

hey golds!
it was so good to see you today! you look and Jax is adorable!!

rachel's open-house is
sat june 21 from 12-2
at suzie dehann's house (next door to rachel's parents)
hope to see you there!

Cody & Jessica said...

Yea! I'm so happy for you that you are done with school! The 5am routine sounded horrible - I never could've pulled it off. Jax is so cute in all of the pictures you post. I love chunky babies :) Sad that I still haven't seen him in person... We want to have a summer bbq sometime soon though, so we can all get together.

LinDsEy ShaUn + JerEMy said...

why do i not ever see you and why am i such a jerk for not coming and seeing you! what are you doing on sat or sun? maybe jer and i could swing by and say hi to you guys. we are in highland living right now . . . short term! let me know asap okay