3, 2, 1...

Only three more days left of me being a working mom. Holy smokes. I am so excited. Going back to work was not as terrible as I imagined it would be. I missed my students during my maternity leave and was excited when I got back to school. However, leaving my adorable little Jax has been so hard. I feel like I have kind of neglected him. I even missed his first time rolling over. I was SO sad to hear that he did it while I was gone! However, the cute little dude has been in such good hands - thanks to my mom and mother-in-law. I was SO lucky for my wonderful babysitting set-up. But, today is Wednesday and school is out on Friday. I am almost going to be a full-time mom, and I am freaking out excited!

When Jax was born I saw 4 month old babies and thought, "Oh my gosh, that is how huge Jax will be when I finish working!" And, he has not made a liar out of me. He has grown so much. I hardly notice that he has grown so much...until I see him next to a newborn or try and squeeze him into 3-6 months clothes and realize that 6-9 months is much more his size. The little guy is weighing in at 16 pounds 1 ounce. I never thought this little bruiser would get so big so fast.

He has been so awesome with our strict schedule. He has been waking up right on cue between 5:00 - 5:45am. He has done so awesome taking a bottle and still being interested in eating from me. I have been a milk pumping machine, but starting today he will have to choke down a bottle of formula in the afternoons because I ran out of milk. But, knowing him, he will be just fine. And trust me, that little 16 pounder is not planning on missing any meals! :) He seriously has been perfect. Maybe he sensed that his mommy had to work and needed him to cooperate to make her leaving him easier. Whatever it was, he cooperated perfectly. Now the only problem is that I need to try and un-condition him to wake up in the 5 o'clock hour!

But, the 9 weeks that I had to come back to work after my maternity leave has come to an end. I honestly can't believe it. This school year has FLOWN by - and that is saying a lot coming from a girl who was pregnant and had to leave a little newborn! I have loved my students. Their sense of humor and newly found hormones never leave a dull moment. I might just have to start hanging out around the Jr. High at lunch or something so that I can still hear the 12-year-old relationship drama. It is quite entertaining! But, it is for sure time for me to be done. I have been freakishly organized and prepared with Jax and his babysitting for the whole 2 months. But, yesterday I sent him to my mom's to be watched WITHOUT ANY PANTS (see photo above). That is when you know you are done!!


We're Alive!

Wow, it sure has been a long time since my last post. I am a busy woman…and I am sick of it! There are like 6 loads of laundry in the laundry room just calling my name to be folded. You are lucky to find any food in the fridge at my house. The bathrooms…well, let’s just not even go there. And, my poor little Jax is having a hard time figuring out who his real mom is!

The end of the school year, despite what you may think, is SO busy. We have a million school activities going on in the short 2 weeks before school ends. I feel like a chicken running around with its’ head cut off. Grades are due today…ahh. That is quite a job when you have 59 students. Wow. Field Day is coming up on Friday. Sadly, it is suppose to rain. Could someone please tell Jack Frost that it is the end of May?! I’m not sure what we are going to do instead with over 1,100 elementary kids. Don’t you remember the wonderful days of elementary Field Day? I know I do. I remember the baseball throw. I was sure that because my dad told me I didn’t throw like a girl that my first place ribbon was a given. But, pretty sure that didn’t happen.

Anyway, my blogging has been pretty pathetic lately. Not only because I am busy, but because I also lost my camera. How sad is that? There is nothing worse than having a cute little 3 ½ month old and no camera! But, sufficeth to say, we are still alive!


1/2 Marathon Time

That’s right. A 1/2 marathon. What am I thinking? I am not sure, but I am doing it. My cousin Dayna was talking about how she is going to be running the Hobblecreek 1/2 Marathon in August with a friend. It got the wheels turning in my head. I went to the website, rolled it over in my mind and decided it’s a go. Crazy aren’t I. Most definately. Especially because the completion of a 5k is my only running fame to claim. Right after I made the decision to do it, I decided that I needed to drag a few people into this thing with me. Jacque, my sister-in-law, said yes in a heartbeat. Skye took a little more time to decide, but finally said she would give it a try – even if it is 3 weeks after her wedding. My mother-in-law, Jana, is even considering jumping on the bandwagon.

So, now that I mentally decided that I am going to run this 13.1 miles in August, I need to get myself ready physically. Wow. That’s the hard part. I just had a baby, well 3 months ago. But, let me tell you, the effects of that don’t disappear over night. I took about 4 weeks off of working out right after Jax was born. For the 8 weeks that I had maternity leave, I was pretty dedicated. Then, my grueling 5:00am mornings kicked in. The exercise routine went right out the window. There is NO WAY that I could workout in the mornings. Please. When would I sleep? From 11:00pm – 3:00am. Nice try. Nights aren’t working out too well either. I have been away from Jax and Chase all day. The last thing I want to do when I get home is have someone baby sit Jax while I go workout or leave Chase at home with him. So, needless to say the working out has come to a complete halt. That doesn’t really make training for a half marathon easy.

So, as terrible as my sedentaryness (is that even a word) is, I am just going to have to wait until May 31st when school is over. Then, the running begins. I was going to run the Provo River 1/2 last summer, but then my OBGYN told me he wouldn’t recommend it while pregnant. So, unless I get pregnant again before August 23rd, I’m in!!


Blessing Day

Yesterday we blessed Jax. It was a WONDERFUL day! Chase did such an awesome job. Jax didn’t exactly look like your typical blessed newborn. He was about twice the normal size. Usually after the baby is blessed the fragile, little newborn is lifted up with full support. That was not the case with Jax. We waited a little longer than normal to bless Jax because we wanted Chase’s grandparents, who were in Europe last month, to be able to come. Jax was about a month older than average on his blessing day. So, after the blessing, Chase held Jax up to be shown and that big boy of mine held his own head up to check out the congregation! What a little cutie. Also, Jax was wearing a size 6 months blessing outfit…and you better believe it was snug.

Jax must have known that it was his big day because he usually sleeps through most of Sacrament. But, yesterday he was awake and alert ready to be blessed. Then, of course, he politely fell asleep after we were done blessing him. He woke up to play toward the end and giggled out loud through the whole closing prayer. Would his mom please teach him to be reverent?!! ☺

After the blessing my mom hosted a wonderful luncheon at her house. There were quite a few people there and the food was wonderful. My mother-in-law, Jana, brought BEAUTIFUL looking food (as always) and my mom had every delicious thing our hungry bellies could have ever imagined. It was delicious.

Yesterday was such a perfect day. I swear that I should be pregnant with how emotional I am at events like these. But, don’t worry. I’m not quite yet…at least not that I know of. It was so sweet to see my little baby receive a blessing from his daddy. We are so glad that we have such awesome, supportive families who drove long distance – Idaho, Nevada, Helper, and Price – to come share this day with us. We are also glad that we have so much family close by who came to support. Thank you so much to everyone who came. We appreciate it so much.