GO JAZZ!! Show Me the Title!

So, the day I married Chase I made 3 commitments. I thought I was just comminting to being his wife, but I was oh so wrong.
1 - I made a commitment to be his wife - the only commitment I knew I was making.
2 - I made a commitment to be a forever BYU Football fan.
3 - I made a commitment to the Utah Jazz #1 fan club.

Chase is probably the biggest Jazz fan out there. If you think that you, or your husbamd, top him - you are dead wrong. There is no possible way. No one could like the Jazz more. He talks about how wonderful life would be if he moved into Daron WIliams neighborhood and hungout with him on the weekend. I am pretty sure that he would hands down choose hanging out with D-Will over me any day of the week! And, he just knows that he will one day be the GM of the Utah Jazz.

So, the playoffs start for the Jazz in less than 24 hours! How are we all still going about our normal lives? I don't know about you, but I know I am ready. For some reason you can even find a Boozer shirt in my closet - which I will be wearing EVERY playoff game. And, Chase just bought a new Jazz freezer mug last night to take with him to watch tomorrows big game. So, if you need to contact either of us tomorrow, please don't call from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. We will be busy rooting on our Jazz. And yes, we are probably going to take it all this year! Show me the title!


Tigh, Jacque, & Charlotte said...

Haha! I don't quite know if Chase is the Biggest fan. You should see Tigh and Charlotte together every Jazz game! And now that she's got her own Jersey I don't think anyone tops her! I know what you mean about the commitments though! They snuck up on me too!

Lindsey said...


I'll be thinking of you and Chase tonight. I freaking slept in my D-Will jersey last night in preparation for this special event.


Brett Dee said...

Oh yeah, well did Chase record footage of Karl Malone every night when he was 13 years old...???

Ben & Jayni said...

Haha this makes me laugh. I am the same way with my husband.. But it is not the Jazz. He likes the Spurs. I know, I know we are bad. Everyone at work hates me mostly when I wear my Spurs Jersey. But if I do not cheer for the Spurs I don't think our marriage will last. haha NO JOKE. My husband is a die hard Spurs fan.