2 School Days Left Until Spring Break!!!

Top 10 reasons why this will be the best Spring Break EVER:
1 - I get to kiss my normal wake time of 5:00am goodbye for a whole week. My alarm clock will not be set once!
2 - Jax won't have to get babysat once this week. He just gets to hangout with his mommy all day long.
3 - I get to give my own baby a bath in the morning.
4 - I can finally watch Regis and Kelly again. (For anyone who is wondering, yes I still do want to be Kelly Ripa.)
5 - I can finally put away the laundry.
6 - I don't have to do recess duty for a whole week.
7 - I don't have to watch for my hormonal 6th graders passing notes for a whole week.
8 - Chase won't have to eat Lean Pockets and consider it a meal for a whole week - I will have time to cook! Poor Chase...
9 - I won't have to pack a bag for Jax to take with him to be babysat every night.
10 - SLEEP! Jax and I are not getting up before 10:00am!


Heather Lee said...

let me know if the 10 a.m. thing works out for you, I am curious to see if Jax has adjusted to his 5 a.m. feeding schedule. Isn't it interesting what you treasure when you're a mom? I think I'm a lot easier to please? It makes life so much better.

georgeandmarie said...

I am so happy you get to back home, and be a full time mommy again, even if it is just for a week!! Have a good one!

Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

please.. you practically are kelly ripa.

and excuse me?? how do the words Ja, sleep, and 10 AM even work in the same sentence?? if he really will sleep in that late, we are trading babies. no rocks

reno and mel said...

I could not agree with you more - I don't think I have ever been more excited for spring break!! What were we thinking having babies in the middle of the school year? ha! well, I hope you enjoy every minute of spring break like I will.

annie and jared said...

ha ha, nothing like a good hormonal 6th grader, that is halarious. i don't think i got hormones until i was about 16. i hope you enjoy your spring break, you deserve it!

Tigh, Jacque, & Charlotte said...

Hey Goldie
HOORAY FOR SPRING BREAK! I still don't know how you do 5 am. Tough chic you are.

I started a blog attached to mine. I keep finding great coupons for places like bath and body works (like the one I called you with this morning) So, I started a blog that I can post them on where everyone can print them off easily! it's www.gundygrabs.blogspot.com
Right now I have a coupon for a Free 2 oz bottle of body lotion from Bath and Body Works. I will just keep adding them as I find them!
P.S. Jax is still so cute...

Austin & Andrea said...

Hope you're having a good spring break! It's only Day #1!!!!