So, Chase and I started a weightloss competition yesterday. Although on day one of the competition we ended up at Cafe Rio, we are serious. We have been faithful viewers of "The Biggest Loser", and decided that it's now our turn.

So, here is the competition. We both weighed in on Sunday. Whoever loses the highest percent of body weight from yesterday to August 1st wins. If Chase wins, he gets the PlayStation that he has been coveting for the last year or so. If I win, we get to take the money he would spend on the PlayStation and spend it all on Food Storage! haha...that may sound funny, but if you know me at all, that seems totally legit. I will admit that I am a bit of a doomsdayer. I just know that the worst possible situation will happen. I just know that the HUGE earthquake that Utah should be having will begin in my backyard! So, bring on the food storage. I don't have one thing of food storage. I better win this competition becuase if not, me, Chase, and Jax will all starve if something serious happens. All we currently have are two 72 hour kits. Not enough to last very long. Oh yeah, and not a single thing for Jax. How rude is that? But, as of August 1st you better believe that will be changing.

Oh, and one more perk of the competition - Skye and Paul's wedding is on August 1st. Chase and I both better be looking VERY skinny at the big bash.

So, wish us (mostly me) luck! I'm gonna win!!!


Growing, Growing, Growing

Jax is growing so much. I really can't believe it. I am so glad that he is so healthy, but sometimes it makes me so sad! He is not a tiny little newborn anymore. He has officially kissed the 0-3 month size of clothes goodbye and graduated to 3-6 months. He has the absolute cutest belly ever. And his big blue eyes are amazing. Since I am the most terrible person ever at writing in a journal, I am going to use this post to write down a few things that I want to remember about this 2 1/2 month stage. I am not exactly sure how the whole blog thing works, but hopefully I will be able to look back at this post in 5 or 10 years and be able to read through it. These are a few of the cute/funny/sweet things that I hope I never forget about Jax in the last 2 1/2 months.

1 - Jax is a morning person - got that one from his dad for sure! He is an AWESOME sleeper. He sleeps for 8 hours straight at night. But, he knows exactly when it is morning. He wakes up and grins until it hurts! He is SO happy right when he wakes up. Chase has to get him up and take him to be babysat during the week since I go to work at 7:30am and he goes to work at 9:00am. The 30 minutes Chase gets with Jax in the morning are Chase's favorite part of the day. Who wouldn't love having a little baby smile at you for 30 minutes straight?!
2 - Jax is "potty trained". Well...chainging table trained for that matter. The second I put him on his changing table to change his diaper, he starts to grunt. It's like he knows this is where he is suppose to go to the bathroom and then get a new diaper. At first, I didn't find this too funny becuase I would put him on the changing table, take off his diaper, and for sure get pooed on. But, I have now learned. He needs to lay on the changing table for about 5 minutes before I dare to open up the diaper!
3 - Jax is SO easy to make smile. When you smile at him, he gives a big grin back instantly like he is surprised you smiled at him. It is adorable. But, this ease of getting him to smile sometimes backfires on him. When you do it for too long he gets the hiccups from smiling too hard! He gets the hiccups AT LEAST once a day.
4 - Chase and I are no longer allowed to read the book "Love You Forever" to Jax. We have both tried...we both ended up with tears streaming, and I mean streaming, down our face.
5 - Jax is so ticklish! It is so funny that a person so small already has personal characteristics. If you even think about tickling him he tenses up. It is so cute.
6 - Jax loves when I play with his lips. How funny is that?! I think that he just loves anything touching or in his mouth. He could suck his binky for hours, and let's not even talk about the intimate relationship he has with his fist! He sucks his fist so hard that he even made his knuckle raw! Cute little dude. His newest challenge is trying ot see if he can get the WHOLE fist in his mouth at once.
7 - Jax is the best baby ever. He nerver cries. And I mean never. He will make a little "crying" noise when it is time to eat. And, it isn't really even a cry. It is more like a little whine to make sure that I don't forget to feed him. When he wakes up in the morning he will give a little noise to be my alarm clock, and then he just waits for me. He breastfeeds awesome. He takes a bottle whenever I need him to. I am so lucky!! He is the best baby!

I LOVE being a mom. It has been the funnest 2 1/2 months ever. Having a baby is the greatest thing in the world. It has honestly made Chase and I both so much happier. It is great to feel like you have such an importnat job - raising a baby. Only 24 more days until the school year is over. But, who's counting right?

Well, here the little heartbreaker is.
Pretty sure he looks like a little munchkin in this picture...but what a cute munchkin!
Can you see the bicept? He worksout!


Skye and Paul are Engaged!!

It's official! Skye and Paul got engaged last night. We all went over to Kent and Jana's because Jana told us she was throwing a big Jazz party. Obviously, as you can tell by the photo where we are decked in our Jazz wear, we thought the party was totally designated for cheering on our Utah Jazz. But, right before the game started Jana told us all that Paul was going to propose to Sky (Chase's sister) and that he wanted us all to be there to celebrate with them afterward. So, our supposed "Jazz Party" was just a set-up. It was so fun though. We ate and ate and ate while we watched the game and waited for Skye and Paul to get back. Then, they finally got back from The Roof, the ballet, and a carriage ride - how romantic - at like 11:30. Then we had a toast and ate some more! Nothing like ice cream cake at midnight! Needless to say, we all went home with a belly ache. But, it was well worth it. They are getting married August 1st. We are so excited! We love Paul and are so excited the he is going to be our new brother-in-law. One problem...he is a Pheonix Suns fan. He better get over that one fast!

The Big Event

Well, we walked away from the first playoff game with a "W"! I am not sure what is more impressive about this picture - the fact that we are all in Jazz wear or that Jax sat up for the camera and on the count of 3 gave a big grin! AMAZING.


GO JAZZ!! Show Me the Title!

So, the day I married Chase I made 3 commitments. I thought I was just comminting to being his wife, but I was oh so wrong.
1 - I made a commitment to be his wife - the only commitment I knew I was making.
2 - I made a commitment to be a forever BYU Football fan.
3 - I made a commitment to the Utah Jazz #1 fan club.

Chase is probably the biggest Jazz fan out there. If you think that you, or your husbamd, top him - you are dead wrong. There is no possible way. No one could like the Jazz more. He talks about how wonderful life would be if he moved into Daron WIliams neighborhood and hungout with him on the weekend. I am pretty sure that he would hands down choose hanging out with D-Will over me any day of the week! And, he just knows that he will one day be the GM of the Utah Jazz.

So, the playoffs start for the Jazz in less than 24 hours! How are we all still going about our normal lives? I don't know about you, but I know I am ready. For some reason you can even find a Boozer shirt in my closet - which I will be wearing EVERY playoff game. And, Chase just bought a new Jazz freezer mug last night to take with him to watch tomorrows big game. So, if you need to contact either of us tomorrow, please don't call from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. We will be busy rooting on our Jazz. And yes, we are probably going to take it all this year! Show me the title!


Olivia's Blessing

Here's the fam! After Olivia's blessing we went to my Aunt Lori's for a little brunch. Here we are watching the Masters. Oh, and about 5 hours later we were still watching it! Nobody informed me that this golf tournment lasted ALL DAY!! Oh, and Brennan is that LARGE looking foot in the background. He wanted his part in the family photo.
Me and Kels - the new moms!
So, on Sunday we went to Olivia's baby blessing. We got Olivia and Jax together for a picture. Oh boy! My little dude is even bigger than I thought. This picture gives all the needed evidence. Olivia is 3 weeks older than Jax and he looks SO much bigger than her. And no, the camera did not add 10 pounds in this picture! I love my big boy.
Chey and Ally gloating in their aunthood. Nothing better than a proud aunt!


2 School Days Left Until Spring Break!!!

Top 10 reasons why this will be the best Spring Break EVER:
1 - I get to kiss my normal wake time of 5:00am goodbye for a whole week. My alarm clock will not be set once!
2 - Jax won't have to get babysat once this week. He just gets to hangout with his mommy all day long.
3 - I get to give my own baby a bath in the morning.
4 - I can finally watch Regis and Kelly again. (For anyone who is wondering, yes I still do want to be Kelly Ripa.)
5 - I can finally put away the laundry.
6 - I don't have to do recess duty for a whole week.
7 - I don't have to watch for my hormonal 6th graders passing notes for a whole week.
8 - Chase won't have to eat Lean Pockets and consider it a meal for a whole week - I will have time to cook! Poor Chase...
9 - I won't have to pack a bag for Jax to take with him to be babysat every night.
10 - SLEEP! Jax and I are not getting up before 10:00am!


I Want Candy!

Welcome to Grandma Gunderson’s house! Jax and Charlotte found all the candy they could handle at Grandma's - and their dad's were happy to give it to them! This Tootsie Pop was Jax's first piece of candy. He wrapped his little lips around it and went to town. I guess it was his 2-month birthday present. He went to the Doctor Friday. He is 13 pounds 8 ounces and 24 inches long. He is in the 90th percentile for height and the 90th percentile for weight. BIG boy! But what can you expect for the future BYU quarterback?
Jax loving the sucker up close and personal!
Family Photo!!