Back 2 School

Maternity leave has ended. I am now back to teaching 6th Grade. My cute class had decorated the board welcoming back. It was a little bitter-sweet to go back to work. The schedule that I am now on is about the hardest things in the world. I wake up around 5:00am...unless Jax decides that he wants to wake up some other time during the night. He is pretty amazing at sleeping though. This morning, for example, I had to wake him up around 5:30am to feed him so he would be able to eat before I left to work. My days now start at 5:00am so that I can get ready, feed Jax, pump (oh so attractive), and be to work by 7:30am. Lucky for me my mom and mother-in-law are watching Jax. Only 39 days left of school!! My first day back to work was the hardest. I cried the entire drive to work. I was SO sad to leave Jax. But, once I got to work I pulled myself together and was fine all day. I am just going to finish out this school year and then be done teaching. I am not going to teach next year. Maybe some time down the road I will do it again, but for now I am going to just be a mom once summer hits!!!


mOnKeY mAn

Have you even seen A Christmas Story? Well, I am pretty sure that I have successfully located the baby version of that confining snow suit. No, Jax hasn't tripled in size - this monkey suit is just the thickest snow suit you have ever seen!! I have to go back to work on Friday. Ahh! Not looking forward to that. My maternity leave went by WAY too fast. So, I have been trying to get in as many activities with Jax as I can before Friday. We went for a walk this afternoon. It is 60 degrees, but I just wanted to make sure the little guy didn't freeze. So, he got to hangout in the monkey suit. There is no way he was even a little bit chilly. This thick monkey suit is probably suitable for riding on an Alaskan dogsled!
Jax OBVIOUSLY is loving the monkey suit's warmth!



I got Jax's picture taken yesterday. Brooke did them and they turned out SO cute! He is FOR SURE a future model. He loved getting his picture taken - especially in that comfortable basket. He let us move and position him however we wanted. He loved the camera, and the camera loved him, obviously. He did pee during his naked pictures, but it was well worth it. If you need any pictures taken Brooke is awesome.


Our Little Buddy

I know our entire blog is pretty much dedicated to Jax, but isn't he cute? Chase and I still exist - although our blog wouldn't prove that. Jax is just the center of all attention these days.

Being a mom is really fun. I love hanging out with Jax all day. I will be going back to work in about 2 1/2 weeks. I am so sad! I am pretty sure that I am going to be crying multiple times throughout the day because I am going to miss this little dude so much.


Jax and Charlotte

We finally got to get Jax and Charlotte together! It took a whole month. Tigh and Jacque's little Char had RSV right when Jax was born. She couldn't really be around anyone for a few weeks because she was contagious. But, the two cousins finally got to meet. This picture is really quite funny. Poor little Char got blinded by the bright flash of the camera. Jax, of course, didn't budge - nothing interupts his sleeping...in the day. But, his hands look HUGE in this picture. It is NOT an illusion. He could probably grip a basketball right now. I am so happy that Charlotte is better and I could finally get a picture of these two together.