Tag..I'm it!

1: Best thing you cooked last week:
I am going to have to go with pork tenderloin. I don't like it at all, but it is Chase's fav. If you have never eaten a meal with Chase you are missing out. He moans with delight the whole time if he approves. And, I have to say the pork tenderloin got moans until the plate was clean!!

2: If money and time were no object, where would you go and with whom?
Well obviously, Chase is my number one pick. And where would I go...if Chase had a say we would be in Uruguay, no doubt. But, to be honest I couldn't care less as long as the weather is nothing like it is at home right now. I want to go ANYWHERE that the sun is shining and where I can lay out at the pool or beach sipping pina coladas.

3: Last time you cried:
About 2 weeks ago when Jax was in the Bili Bed. I had to stare at him wiggling and crying for someone to take him out (which we couldn't), and I just couldn't handle it! Mostly, if anyone talked to me about my poor little baby in there, the tears welled up.

4: 5 Things you were doing 10 years ago:
Okay 10 years ago I was 13…. Ha Ha I was in 8th grade.
1 - I was looking my all time WORST for school picture day. If you can get your hands on a Mt. Ridge yearbook, check out my 8th grade picture. WOW! I was an ugly Jr. Higher.
2 - I was sneaking into Amber and Katie's closets trying to be cool by wearing my older sister's clothes. PS Still wasn't cool.
3 - Suzette and I were sneaking into either Katie or Jayne's Rav 4 or Eclipse to take a joyride around the neighborhood. Well, I would only be brave enough to drive to the mailbox, but Suzette would cruise us pretty much anywhere our 8th grade hearts desired...ya know, like Snow Shack or something.
4 - Taking dance with Miss Morrow. If you ever had the chance to get into a dance class with her at MRJH, you too are loving the fond memory of her ...sweat pits and all.
5 - Bears Cheerleading. I thought that there was nothing more important. Janelle, Candice, and I practiced our jumps non-stop on the tramp. I had a shirt that said "Cheerleading is life...the rest is just details." Need I say more...

5: 5 things you did today, or will do today:
Well, with Jax here he rules my life. I think I can just say that I will feed him and that will cover all 5! It is a full-time job. But, I guess I will get a little more interesting.
1 - Amber and my mom came over to get some stuff from my basement to move with Amber to Henderson.
2 - I am going to be doing Hip Hop Abs here in a few minutes...and I konw you have all seen the infomercial for it. Yes, I did get suckered into buying it.
3 - Although I am on maternity leave, I still have to do all the grades for my students. I will be going to the elementary a little later to enter them in.
4 - After entering the grades, I will be printing off all the grades for students who have a "C" or lower. They WILL NOT be going to recess tomorrow. Haha..I will be ruining a few 12 year old's day with that one.
5 - I will finish watching the national cheer and dance competition on ESPN. Haha..I was so excited when I saw that was on. It is like Bring it On in real life, and I love it!!

6: 5 favorite snacks:
Well, when you are trying to lose weight from being pregnant it is just rude for someone to mention snacks! Chocolate bombs, crackers, Easter candy (thank heavens it is now in stores!), green licorice, and See's chocolates. Let's hope I don't blow the diet now that I have all that on my mind!

7: 5 bad habits:
1 - Not paying attention while driving...my driving record can prove this one too.
2 - Hitting snooze again and again and again and again....
3 - Saying "Shhh.." to my class. I have picked up the habit of saying this like every 5 minutes! Eww..gotta stop that one. It has even started to bug me. I can only imagine how my class feels. But, what do you think happens when you hangout with 30 twelve years olds all day?
4 - Texting. Would I just call someone once in a while? Honestly, I love texting, but that is the problem. I text too much and call too little.
5 - Watching episode after episode of Lost. Chase and I have knocked out 2 seasons in about 3 weeks. Now you know what we do EVERY night!

8: 5 favorite foods
1 - Cafe Rio...and I know I am not alone on that one.
2 - Bajio...Cafe Rio is too busy sometimes. Haha
3 - Cheesecake...until I found out that it has sour cream on the top! EWW!! Now, I just can't do it.
4 - Pizza...especially at half-time of a BYU football game.
5 - Chips and Salsa...or anything Mexican.
6 - I'm adding on. Mongolian BBQ in St. George. If you have never been, get in your car and drive to St. George right now. It is worth the 3 hours!

9: 5 places you've been:
1 - Switzerland
2 - A cruise to all the Hawaiian Islands
3 - Cancun
4 - The Orange County Fair...not everyone can say that! Chase and I rode an elephant and went to Bill Cosby's comedy show.
5 - St. George...not too far of a travel, but when you go there as often as my family, it has to be added to the list.

10: Favorite Memory
Well, Chase may get mad about me making this one public, but it should get a few laughs...sorry babe. One of my favorite memories is when Chase asked me to be his girlfriend...our DTR. We were going to the movie and Chase, of course, showed up to get me wearing a green Uruguasian soccer jersey and matching green shorts. We were waiting outside the movie and he said, "One of my mission buddies asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I didn't know what to say. What should I have said?" Then, rude little me said, "umm..let me think about it." Haha..poor Chaser! But, I finally agreed...obviously. Don't worry though. He made up for it. I had to say I love you first - which he didn't reciprocate for a little while. I had to be the first to tell him that we should get married - and he told me to slow down. So, we're even. But, the memory of the jolly green giant really makes me laugh. I love you Chase!!


georgeandmarie said...

so funny!! i love reading these tags...they let you remember what it was like to be a teen again!!

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

That story made me laugh so hard! I love it! Oh and, I agree with your mongolian BBQ comment. It's amazing!

Austin & Andrea said...

haha I love reading people's tags. It's so funny...I can totally picture that story with Chase. I think we were a lot alike in Jr. High--I was seriously so annoying with my cheer obsession. I never stopped practicing, but I was an EAGLE. haha. And I love all the food you mentioned also (obsessed with mexican food) Remember we went to Mongolian BBQ in St. George together? It's making my mouth water right now. Ps..I have seriously been debating Hip Hop Abs. You must tell me if it is as good as it looks! Wow this is a long comment--probably my longest ever....how lucky.

Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

umm.. pretty sure i just watched a home video of ours (filmed at night, just of us eating, dancing, and laughing.. really interesting) with you "Shshing" every 5 minutes out of fear of the wrath of pam.

and how dare roller bladding up to MRJH, and around the tennis courts not make the list.. tisk, tisk

Park City Bairds said...

oh man, the good ol' days....That was so fun, I am pretty sure we really could not have gotten any cooler than taking our sis's cars and cruisin with the windows down acting like way board and way too good for the world, ha ha! Such good memories!
love ya