Jax Meets Olivia

While Kelsey and I were at Cindy's baby shower, Chase and Greg babysat together at my house. Here are Jax and Olivia bunking in the crib together.

Jax had to have a binky to be calm enough to get his picture taken. Olivia, on the other hand, was as calm as can be.

Aren't these two polar opposites? Blond meets black!


Heather Lee said...

oh cute. hollands wearing little olivias outfit right now...40% off at old navy isn't too shabby. but i guess with about 3 baby stores to choose from you're bound to get fashion clones

Thorntons said...

Hey Goldie it's Britt I was so glad that you found me! I have to admit that I wasn't digging this whole blogging business, but now I love it. It's so fun to see people you don't get to see very often! Yes Jax is SOOOOO cute! Congratulations!!! I love him! Sorry to hear about you getting stuck on Micron Road! Lindsay was stuck there too she flipped around hoping not to get hit and not knowing where she was. I can only imagine how stressed you were with a new baby. Plus I know how screaming can grind at your nerves when your in the car 10 minutes is bad let alone 3hours!!! Sorry!!! I also wanted to tell you that Cambree my little girl was looking at your blog with me and she saw the picture of him under the lights and she said "Oh baby got an ouchy? Is he okay?" She also said, "Oh cute baby!" So you have her aproval too! Sorry to write a novel,but I was going to tell you how to turn the pictures because I just barely figured it out myself! When you are browsing for a picture when you are selecting it from my pictures or my documents or wherever it's from you have to rotate it there before you upload it. You just right click it and rotate it than upload it and it will be straight. I'm no computer nerd don't get the wrong idea~ Anyways I love ya!