Jax and Grandma

Grandma's new FAVORITE grandson...sorry Roen!


trevan & kennan said...

doesn't even look like you..... CONGRATS! when can we come and meet him? all of us were at my mom's yesterday when he was born and contemplated coming to visit at the hospital. then we decided it may be a little much but we are dying to see him and his golden locks. i think you should have named him jax golden gunderson. it would have fit him perfectly. congrats to the new HIGHLAND BEARS CHEERLEADER'S SON!

annie and jared said...

goldie he is so precious! i love love love all the golden hair! i hope you had an ok labor and i hope you recover fast- i sure didn't. congratulations!!!

lynn said...

i love this blondie. can't wait to meet him in 2 years!! so cute!!