9 Months Along....and still going

First off - yes the picture is sideways. Oops. I'm new and can't figure out how to turn it! Haha So, I am 9 months pregnant. I am not so happy about that. I am due on Friday and according to the Doctor, I will not be going any earlier than that. I am just hoping that I don't go over that. But, the good news is that I am scheduled to be induced on Friday, February 8th. Please, cross your fingers that I will not go overdue. Whatever it takes - pray for me, fast for me, burn incents while thinking about me...whatever you think might help!


Joe & Lyssa said...

I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog..I had a feeling you were doing one...So holy cow, having a baby any day now!! That's so exciting! Ok too many exclamation points...So you are so dang cute as a pregnant lady. I'm glad to see you are doing great and hanging in there with the pregnancy. So I too have a blog: joe-lyssa.blogspot.com
You will find that i have 2 little girls now and living in San Antonio TX. My husband is doing dental school. Oh and just so you know, both my pregnancies were induced and I prefer it :) As long as your body has progressed some, it should be fine. And my 2nd was a week past due so I know the "ready" feeling. But you are beautiful!! I hope that all goes well with the baby and can't wait to see pics!

Park City Bairds said...

Oh you are actually side-a-ways hmmmm you must be new at this!!! Ha Ha
love your guts!

Tim & Katie J. said...

Hi! I love the belly! I just added you to my blog. Welcome to the blogging world. Looks like you might need some help in turning the pictures right side up.

It was good to see you. I sure wish you would have delivered this week while I was in town, but I know you can't control that so I will be back to see the little guy.