Benny Boo is THREE

My little Benny turned three today. He has been telling us for about 6 months that he wasn't 2, he was 3. So, thankfully for him, he is officially 3 today. It was such a great day for this little man of mine.

So, I am an idiot and loaded the pictures in backward order....and I am much too lazy to delete them all and do it again. (Duh, I am watching Bachelorette and have to hurry and post so I can focus on Emily!) So, I guess we will talk about Ben's birthday in reverse order.

After the fun-filled day was over my boys were beat. They were out by 8:00pm. We literally didn't stop all day.

 Of course a birthday needs to start with a doughnut breakfast. Breakfast of champions. :) Mostly Jax and Ben just licked the frosting and left the doughnut. Genius.
 This afternoon we had a little party with some of his friends and cousins. It was just in our backyard with a slip-n-slide, pool and a water fight. These little boys were so entertained.

 The party was mediocore until Chase got in on the water fight. As soon as he got involved the little boys were in heaven. Everyone, of course, had to shoot Chase. He was such a good spot to get water launched in his face multiple times. I can't even count how many times I told him today that he is the best dad ever.
 Lately Ben has decided that Chase is not only his best friend, but also his idol. If Chase is doing something, Ben wants to do the exact same thing. It is adorable.
 Oh little Jax. Such a heartbreaker!!
 Ben is OBSESSED with the Disney show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". He has even assigned us all to be a character. Ben is, obviously, Jake, Chase is Covey, I am Captain Hook and Jax is Peter Pan. Amazing.

He got some "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and looooved them.

Such a great day. I am so happy Chase got to spend the day with us. After the party we went to see "The Lorax". Ben didn't move a muscle the entire movie, and I am pretty sure Jax ate a large popcorn on his own. Perfect.

Happy Birthday Ben!!!
Love, love, LOVE you!


One Year Anniversary

Our BUNCO group reached a one year anniversary!!
 While this is a far cry from the whole group, and not even the whole group from last night, these peeps are some of my besties.
(me (holding Sarah's baby Tucker), Kristen, Maggie, Sarah, Janelle)

Those of you who didn't come last night missed a par-tay!!
BUNCO is kinda my favorite night of the month. :)


The Sun is Out

I have told Chase many times that a fenced backyard has changed my life. Seriously, this is not an exaggeration. Jax loves running from me at wide open parks. And, of course Ben follows suit. So, when we are safe in our backyard my stress level dramatically drops.

Jax is a tree climbing fool. Of course his favorite tree is conveniently located next to the fence. He has only jumped from the tree to the fence and finally to the neighbor's yard once. He hasn't repeated it yet, so I am hoping it was a fluke.
 My little Ben is Jax's biggest fan. He was, however, standing under the tree saying, "Jax, get down." Hmmm, I wonder where he heard that?
 This backyard literally is our second home when the weather is even remotely reasonable. These two love themselves a popcorn picnic.


Rainbow Bike and a Party

First, we need to talk about how much Ben looks like me. I am thinking a lot. Am I right? Jax looks more like Chase, and Ben looks like me. Yet, they look just like each other...so strange.
Ben got a Strider/Balance bike last month and it has changed his life - and mine. It is the brightest colors ever, and he has named it his rainbow bike. So fitting!!! It is his best bud. It goes EVERYWHERE with us.
Most of these balance bikes are $75-$100, but I found this gem at Smith's Marketplace for $34.99! Best money I have ever spent. If you have a 2-4 year old, you need to go buy one STAT.
When Ben first got his rainbow bike he was totally uncoordinated on it. Chase and I were like, "Oh my...this little guy may not be too coordinated." But, a week later he is flying down hill, balancing with his feet in the air. So adorable.
Yesterday Amber threw the party of the year for Roen. He always has like 900 kids at his birthday parties. And, of course, Jax and Ben were front row.
Roen and a few of his buds. (And his girlfriend Lily..who he refers to as Willy.)
Jax is a man in motion! You would think a fenced yard would contain him, but no. He scales the dang thing. He even climbed up on top of Amber's shed and was trying to clear the fense. I am always on high alert with this crazy man.
Sand diggin fun.


St. Geezy

My little brother, Stockton, was playing in a baseball tournament in St. George over the weekend so we all tagged along to see some sunlight.
If you thought Brittany Spears was a terrible mom for letting her boys ride carseat-less, you are not going to be impressed with this...
We folded down the third row in our car, strategically packed our stuff flat and then added a large blanket padded top.... PRESTO! Jax had his own luxurey suite to ride in for 4 hours! :)
As you can see, we were just a little nervous about being caught breaking the law so, we covered all the back windows with pillows. Success!
Not a single complaint from this guy the whole drive.

Little Ben was also a saint. He had a large bag of goldfish, an ipad and a smile. We were so nervous for the drive. We just knew they were going to scream the entire time and throw up six times each.:) We lucked out.
The highlight of the trip for Ben was the discovery of the balance/strider/no pedal bike. He and Zac owned that neighborhood on those things.

This photo is proof that Chase was with us on the trip. Can you tell how much he LOVES posing for the camera??
It needs to be documented that I showed some true Romney pride on Mitt's birthday. Okay fine, so I didn't know it was his birthday, but talk about good timing!! Romney 2013!!
While Ben was speeding around on his bike, Jax was hiking. The house we were in is in a gated community. You will never know how grateful I am for the invention of the gate/fence. Makes my life so much more enjoyable:)
This rock wall was a little boy's dream come true. Jax went up and down this thing too many times to count. Then, he decided on rock throwing from the top.

Okay so, this is a terrrrrible picture of me. I am aware. I'm pretty sure my nose is smashed and widened...oh well, I'm over it. But, I had to post it becasue Jax is the sweetest thing in this picture. Look at those blue eyes!! Ahh, such a little heartbreaker.



When Chase got home from work Ben demanded he do some sprints with him.
Track stance...
Jax waits on the couch to be tickled by the tickle force.
So cute.


True Love's Kiss

Since Jax was so little (16 months old) when Ben was born, they both kind of just know life with the other one there. Jax didn't have a hard time when Ben joined the family. He welcomed him with open arms - and only sat on him once. Although these two have never had a problem getting along, lately their love has really blossomed.
Best buddies.

Last night in the tub they just started embracing and giving huge kisses. Amazing.



HAPPYNew Years Resolution
Well, it is that resolution time.  I have actually been thinking about what I am going to do better this year.  For as long as I can remember my goal is always to lose weight.  And, considering that is my goal every time Monday morning rolls around, I have decided to go out on a limb and change it up.

My 2012 New Year's Resolution is:

That is it.  Sounds simple, but if you really think about it - it's not.  So, that is what I am going to focus on this year - being happy.  It is a HUGE goal.  So many areas of life to be happy about.  So many trials and crap thrown in my life that I have to try and be happy about.

I am ready for a new year.  I am ready for a new outlook.  2011 isn't a year that I would ever want to relive.  Parts of 2011 make me want to cry just thinking about them.

But, here is to a new year. A better year.

Here's to being happy.


Christmas 2011

This is going to be the ultimate worst Christmas post ever.  I left my camera at my aunt's house (that is 40 minutes away) 2 days before Christmas.  I was sooooo sad.  So, I have just stolen a few pictures from my family that contain my kids.  Sorry Jax and Ben, but not a single picture of you guys opening gifts this year.

The annual grandkid Christmas pajama photo.
Where is the world are all the girls???  Katie is pregnant so, perhaps she will bring the first granddaughter to the family.  As you can see, Jax was so not wanting to have to stand still for a picture.  Or, put on the sweats.  When has he ever cooperated?  Why start now?

So, I have to post some pictures of my cute nieces (Gunderson side - girls are only found there).  I made Char and Stella these adorable Christmas outfits.  

This mop bucket was the coveted toy at Grandma Gunderson's house on both Christmas Eve and Christmas.  The kids wanted to cart it around and push each other in it.  Ben and Char in action.

The only photo that proves that Chase and I experienced Christmas 2011.  Why am I so NOT surprised that Chase isn't looking at the camera and is checking sports scores at the dinner table.  I HATE Internet on phones!!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

BTW, my Christmas decor was 100% down and put away by noon on December 26th.  My house was starting to look like it was next in line on "Hoarders" with all the toys AND decorations everywhere.  Bring on Spring!